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The faculty, staff, and administration are here to support you in your academic journey. The Atlanta Tech Student Handbook provides you with valuable information and policies. You have rights and responsibilities as an Atlanta Tech student. Feel free to use the directory in Appendix of this handbook to access campus services and resources. In order to take full advantage of all of the benefits that the college may offer to your academic and personal success, we encourage you to assert personal responsibility. To that end, please take the time to read carefully this handbook, as well as the catalog and other information regarding your matriculation here at the college. It is critical that you are aware of and adhere to guidelines and deadlines.

We wish you well in your academic endeavors!

2020-2021 Catalog

2019-2020 Catalog

Pre – 2019 catalogs:

Former and returning students are able to request to view a catalog that is not available online by

submitting a request to the Office of Enrollment Services at ATCEnrollment@atlantatech.edu.


Student Handbook

Student Handbook