QEP Infographic

What is the QEP?

In 2019, Atlanta Technical College is up for reaffirmation by SACSCOC.  As a part of this process, the college has developed a Quality Enhancement Plan, also called a QEP, which is focused on providing a smoother onboarding process for students from application to advisement.  The plan’s main goal is to increase enrollment through improving communication to students and creating targeted care teams that would reach out to students through the application and enrollment process.

What is the Title?

Get On Board! It’s easy as ATC!

What does “ATC” mean in relation to admission/enrollment for the QEP?

Along with standing for Atlanta Technical College, in the QEP “ATC” stands for Assessment, Transcript, and Commitment during the application and enrollment process.  This is a 3-step explanation of what is needed to be admitted to the college:  completion of any required assessments (GPA, Accuplacer, etc.); submission of all previous transcripts (high school, past colleges attended); commitment of finances (balance paid and financially clear).

What are the goals?

GOAL #1:  Increase the number of students admitted through effective communication.

GOAL #2:  Increase enrollment through care teams and enhanced advising.

As the updated flyer indicates, appreciative advising, communication, enrollment, and care teams are four key components to improve Atlanta Technical College and achieve these two goals.