Okta Quick Start Guide

What is the purpose of Okta?

Okta is a secure identity management tool that will allow you to access all your Atlanta Tech apps, logins, and devices in one place. Including, Banner, Blackboard, Microsoft 365, eCampus, and more. With Okta, you're up and running on day one, with every app and program you use for classes, instantly available. Whether you're on your desktop or on the go, Okta seamlessly connects you to everything you need.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This webpage is designed to provide steps that will help you through the initial setup of the Okta application on your devices for secure access and single sign-on (SSO) functionality. Okta will replace your current multifactor authentication (MFA) application and will be used for access to Email, Banner, Blackboard, eCampus, and more.

Signing in to Okta

Step 1: Click the link https://atlantatech.okta.com to access the Okta landing page. Your email address and password will grant you access to begin the installation process.

Step 2: Enter your email address and password. Then click the "Sign In" button.

ATC Okta Quick Start Guide

Multifactor Authentication Setup

Step 3: On the set up multifactor authentication page, click the "Setup" button under "Okta Verify."

ATC Okta Quick Start Guide

Step 5: Once the Okta Verify app is downloaded, open the app, select "Add an account", and then scan the QR code on your screen.

ATC Okta Quick Start Guide

*Unable To Scan QR Code?

NOTE: If you are unable to scan the QR code, skip to Step 6 and click setup under SMS authentication.

Step 4: Next you will go through the installation steps for your type of phone. Choose either iPhone or Android to begin the process. ***Be sure to download "Okta Verify" from the App Store onto your mobile device before clicking next.

ATC Okta Quick Start Guide

Step 6: When the Okta Verify setup is finished, click the "Setup" button under "SMS authentication." 

ATC Okta Quick Start Guide

Step 7: Enter your phone number and click the "send code". Enter the code that you receive in the text box and then select the "Verify" button.

ATC Okta Quick Start Guide

Step 8: Click the "Finish" button to complete the installation and setup process.

ATC Okta Quick Start Guide

Step 9: When complete, you will be taken to the Okta landing page.

ATC Okta Quick Start Guide

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