Transportation and Logistics

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Develop the skills needed to thrive in a variety of office settings from finance to leadership and everything in between.

What is Transportation and Logistics?

Business is the study of problems within organizations and the methodology to analyze and correct business personnel, finance, and knowledge problems.

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Transportation and Logistics Programs

The Avionics Bench Technician certificate program is a sequence of courses that prepare students for employment in the field of avionics maintenance technology-aircraft electronics. Graduates of this program are qualified to work on aircraft electronics in avionics repair stations and should be prepared to sit for the General Radio Operating License (GROL) exam.

The Commercial Truck Driving Certificate Program provides basic training in the principles (classroom) and skills of commercial truck operations (on driving range and over-the-road). At the completion of the program, the student is administered the Georgia CDL Skills Exam by the Georgia Department of Drivers Services.

As one of the major transportation hubs in the world, Atlanta has a rapidly increasing need for Logistics and Supply Chain professionals. The program includes fundamentals of supply chain management including procurement, issues in executing local, national, and global supply chains, logistics, and transportation. The program also includes business management, accounting principles, economics of supply and demand, and database management skills.